The Best 4 Wirecutter Earbuds For Bass

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Do you want it to sound like you’re at a concert or club, but you don’t want to leave the comfort of home (or disturb those around you)? Just purchase a pair of bass headphones and enjoy deep, rich sound from the comfort of your sofa inside your home. Headphones with awesome bass offer that deep, rich, heartbeat-like quality that really makes you want to get up and dance. There’s only one problem, the neighborhood doesn’t like the singular, pumping sound of a great bass as much as you do. What’s the solution? A great set of bass earbuds. The problem is that very few earbuds come with a good bass. This is exactly why we decided to make this resource available. To make it easier for you to find the best earbuds for bass that fit your needs.

Top 10 Best Sellers

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Bass earbuds come with a number of different features to boost the deep bass of whatever you’re listening to. Soft ear cushions, inline remotes, and noise isolation technology all work together to keep your bass heavy and you looking stylish and comfortable.

Bass earbuds should deliver excellent bass, but they should also have excellent sound quality. If you’re a true audiophile, then bass isn’t all your care about. You also want specs that will serve up top-notch sound quality, go with your gear, and fit into your lifestyle.

Sound quality is everything. Headphones that are designed to enhance the bass are the first place to start. Your earbuds shouldn’t just sound good though. They should look and feel great, and they should be comfortable too.

If you really like heavy bass in your listening experience, then there is no substitute for a pair of bass-focused earbuds. Why limit your listening experience to what an ordinary set of earbuds offers? You can purchase earbuds that are designed to deliver a serious bass experience. Let’s take a look at four pairs of earbuds that will offer you an excellent bass-centric experience. Most of them are really, really cheap, and you’ll spend a whole heck of a lot less than you would on an expensive stereo speaker system (and a stereo speaker system that will disturb your roommates, friends, and neighbors).

So, without further ado, let’s get to the four best earbuds for bass.

The Best 4 Wirecutter Earbuds For Bass

SoundMAGIC E10 Wired Earphones

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With the great rating and the low price tag, these headphones just can’t be beaten. These in-ear headphones come with a microphone and volume control. They are extremely lightweight and small, but they have a strong, bass-driven sound.

Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of the E-10 is the price. They can be found at a price that’s unheard of for most earbuds.

Combine the powerful bass, low price, and overall quality, and you have yourself a great pair of earbuds.

Sennheiser CX 300S Precision Enhanced Bass Earbuds

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Sennheiser is known for their quality headphones, and the CX300S is no different.

These feature-rich earbuds have a lot more to offer than just the competitive price. They provide a powerful, bass-driven stereo-quality sound with excellent clarity and enhanced listening dynamics, compared to other standard IEMs.

For more than six decades, the Sennheiser name has been synonymous with excellent audio equipment, and this headphone set is definitely carrying on that legacy of aesthetic and functional perfection.​

Belkin PureAV 006 Earbuds

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You can get this pair of earbuds in either black or white. Belkin manufactures them, and if you’ve ever heard of them, then you’ll know they’re of high quality.

The 006 comes with a microphone and an enhanced bass. Plug them in and you’ll hear what you have been missing. These headphones are the perfect complement to any mobile device. Any kind of music or entertainment will come to live through them.

They are a quality pair sitting at a low price – definitely worth checking out.

Monoprice 108320 Enhanced Bass

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This pair of earphones from Monoprice is also quite cheap, though nothing compared to the E-10 . These are a very solid pair. It looks like Monoprice has come out with another hot seller.

The most impressive feature of this headphone set is the price. You can get the pair in black, silver, pink, or white, and they have an extremely stylish design. The sleek, cool design will prompt friends and strangers alike to ask you where you got them and how much they cost. Little will they know how much you paid for them – unless you tell them. Just let them think you paid a couple of hundred dollars for them.

The only drawback with the Monoprice is that they aren’t the most comfortable headphones out there, and the bass isn’t as strong as advertised – which, of course, is quite unfortunate.

Drawbacks aside, these are the ideal headphones for the music lover who’s always on the go. They’re highly portable, compact, and cheap. They’re tough, resilient, and easy to carry around with you. The cord will connect to almost any popular music device, phone, or stereo speaker system. They are worth the time of any budget oriented person.

What Makes Top-Notch Wireless Earbuds?

The best wireless earbuds are not only Bluetooth compatible, but easy to pair with more than one Bluetooth device. They also need enough battery life to last for hours of talk and listening time, and there should be easy-to-use controls for doing so. As our researched and analyzed each set of earbuds, they used the following four criteria.


Even though earbuds lose the wires, they don’t lose performance. The Bluetooth earbuds TTR reviewed compared with even the best wired earbuds for MP3 players. Researchers looked for wireless earbuds with a wide frequency range and optimal impedance and power levels that would result in superior sound quality. There should also be a minimum Bluetooth range of 30 feet.


All Bluetooth earbuds we reviewed have buttons on the earpiece that control volume, skip tracks, answer/reject phone calls and pair devices. One specific control to look for is a multipurpose button, which can control a majority of these. Additional items to look for are dual microphones, replaceable noise-isolating ear tips and resistance to moisture.

Design & Specifications

TTR reviewers also tested battery life. Using the wireless earbuds to talk on the phone uses more battery than just listening to music, but users should look for earbuds that last at least four hours of continuous talk time. The best earbuds feature lightweight materials, batteries that charge in less than two hours and behind-the-neck cord design for added stability.

Warranty & Support

The best wireless earbuds come with at least a one-year warranty, a user manual and downloadable help documentation. We found many manufacturers feature live chat options for technical assistance, which is helpful for tasks such as setting up the Bluetooth and pairing devices. Consumers should also look for earbuds whose websites have user forums and FAQs.


The bass lover on the go doesn’t have a lot of good options. Unfortunately, most earbuds aren’t very good a delivering a rich and refined bass. The ones found here are some of the best alternatives around.

What about you? What are your favorite bass-heavy earbuds? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!​


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