Radio Hamrah 100.3 FM HD3

Radio Hamrah 100.3 FM HD3 is a Persian language radio station broadcasting from Los Angeles, California. The station was launched in 2012 and is owned by Hamrah Media Group.

Radio Hamrah’s programming includes a mix of Persian music, news, talk shows, and cultural programs. The station also features a number of local and international events.

Radio Hamrah’s target audience is the Persian-speaking community in Los Angeles and around the world. The station is a popular source of news and information for Persian speakers, and it also provides a platform for Persian culture and entertainment.

Here are some additional details about Radio Hamrah 100.3 FM HD3:

  • Owner: Hamrah Media Group
  • Launch date: 2012
  • Frequency: 100.3 FM HD3
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Programming: Persian music, news, talk shows, and cultural programs
  • Target audience: Persian-speaking community in Los Angeles and around the world

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Here are some of the popular programs on Radio Hamrah:

  • Raza va Niaz (Secrets and Needs) is a talk show that discusses social and cultural issues facing the Persian community.
  • Hamrah ba Alireza Mobedi (With Alireza Mobedi) is a news program that covers current events in Iran and the Persian-speaking world.
  • Lalezar – Rouy-e Sinema (Lalezar – On the Line of Cinema) is a film review program that discusses new releases and classic films from Iran and around the world.
  • Shohada va Shukr (Martyrs and Thanks) is a program that remembers the victims of the Iran-Iraq War and honors those who fought for their country.
  • Daire-ye Tenderesti (Circle of Health) is a health and wellness program that provides information on a variety of topics, including nutrition, exercise, and mental health.

Radio Hamrah is a valuable resource for the Persian-speaking community. The station provides news, information, and entertainment that is relevant to the community’s interests. Radio Hamrah is also a platform for Persian culture and heritage, and it helps to connect the community with its roots.


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