Lofi girl

Lofi girl

Over the past few years, lofi music videos have exploded on Youtube, with various backgrounds, but the character nicknamed “lofi-girl” is the most famous image, even considered a phenomenon of the culture. mass worldwide. Soothing lofi music, gentle, relaxing rhythms are perfectly suitable for a chill evening with a teapot or work sessions that need high concentration.

Lofi or Lo-Fi (short for the phrase Low Fidelity) are music with low sound quality, in contrast to Hi-Fi (High Fidelity) because it contains many technical flaws such as distorted sound, hit notes. wrong, or noise. These errors are purposefully combined, giving a feeling of flying, dreamy.

After a period of not being appreciated by music critics, lofi began to gain recognition and popularity in the 1990s. The Chilled Cow YouTube channel, with more than 8 million subscribers, specializes in live streaming videos. lofi music, in which a video titled “lofi hip hop radio – beat to relax / study to” has a background image of a young girl sitting at work.

She writes intently, wears headphones, and occasionally glances at the cat sitting on the window. The view outside the window with the row of houses on the slopes of the Croix-Rousse mountain, and the glimpse of the bell tower of the Bon-Pasteur church has revealed the lofi-girl house located in Lyon, a city in central France. The author of the famous painting is Juan Pablo Machado, a young designer and animator who once studied in Lyon.


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