Chillhop Radio Station

Chillhop Radio

A Dutch YouTube channel founded by Bas van Leeuwen. It features animated raccoon GIF videos and, like ChilledCow above, is widely recognized in the scene. It also has a music label aspect, and regularly releases works and compilations by popular artists such as L’indécis.

What is Lo-Fi Hip Hop?

Lo-Fi hip-hop is a musical movement that has been fostered mainly on the Internet in the late 2010s. YouTube is indispensable to the spread of its recognition and popularity. Today, there are countless channels dedicated to lo-fi hip-hop music, many of which offer 24-hour streaming.

Many fans listen to lo-fi hip-hop through these YouTube channels, and the chats that accompany the streaming channels serve as a place for fans to communicate with each other. The most popular channels have received hundreds of millions of views, and their videos are as popular as those of major artists.



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